Why buy from us?

Online shopping is getting more common in Malaysia. There are many websites, and different sellers in market. Why choose us?

1) We are Real.

We have two customer services serve you online. See the chat box on right bottom.

2) We are Listening.

Toll Free 1300 888 484 is provided to contact us.

3) We are Professional.

We fully focus on Laser Printer Toner. We provide free consultancy to assist customer make decision.


Why buy from us are WISER?

1) Save your money.

Compatible Toner is new toner like original. It usually save up to 60%.

2) How you know the Original or Genuine Toner you buy are not FAKE one?

We believe there are 20~30% “Original Toner” are fake. Specially in Klang area, some believe fake toner is up to 50%.
Do you really think you can buy original 15% cheaper than market? ooppss, you are the “Lucky” one?
See how to identify HP Original Toner. This is one way to identify, not 100%.
If your supplier want to buy back your toner & original box, and guess why? (Original Seal can sell RM10)


At last, we thank you for reading this. We provide good product & service with reasonable price. We never sell cheap product.

The main difference between other & us is

“We Invest A Lot to make Your Life Easier”

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