What happen to Samsung MLT-D105s?

Samsung MLT D105 Original Toner


“Yes, Toner Save, How may I help you?”

” Do you have Samsung MLT-D105?”


We have tons of inquiry on this items this week. This is unusual.  Samsung MLT-D105 is a new toner (together with MLT-D104, MLT-D108, MLT-D109 & MLT-D209), which is not very stable product. Even for original toner, sometime got problem.

We sold few original toners out and re-order from vendor. Suddenly get inform that the cost is up for 10%. That is why so many customer ask this.

It is not easy to buy Samsung Toner out there, even if buying Original Samsung Toner.
1) It is hard to get it printer toner. Always shortage.
2) It is a complicated chip technology to avoid end user buying toner from aftermarket.
3) First they ask consumer to routinely update the firmware. Recently some printer model will auto-update the firmware without notice. Once you update, the old or aftermarket toner can’t be detected or used anymore. (Yes, that is why we don’t keep much stock on these items. And we HATE THESE ITEMS)

“Price increase on Samsung MLT-D105!”


Buy Samsung MLT-D105s Original Toner (1.5K), Samsung MLT-D105L Original Toner (2.5K) or buy Samsung MLT-D105s Compatible Toner Cartridge (1.5K).





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