HP Counterfeit Product Seized in Malaysia

The Malaysian Ministry of Domestic Trade and HP’s Southeast Asia Anti-Counterfeit Programme (ACF) together brought down a counterfeit operation in Kuala Lumpur last month.

The items seized included 719 ink cartridges, 3,132 toner cartridges, and 7,669 other components used for manufacturing fake cartridges, for a total of 11,520 cartridges, with an estimated value of $299,421.  The offender is one of HP’s managed partners.  Needless to say, HP has severed with this business entity.

HP’s global counterfeit initiative has brought in a total of 20 million units from the Asia-Pacific region alone in the last four years.  Globally, around 5,000 investigations in 88 countries have been conducted, bringing in a total of 35 million units seized.

To protect the public, HP’s products are equipped with:  a security seal with color shifting technology and QR codes that allow customers to instantly verify the product’s authenticity.  To learn more about HP’s authenticity verification, go to http://h20423.www2.hp.com/program/fraud/ap/en/country_selector.html

by Avanti Kumar, www.mis-asia.com, 11/12/12