How to Select a Genuine Online Supplier?

When you search in, there are many Ads come up.

We are “Malaysia #1 Online Toner Store“.

There are some other copy cats claiming, Malaysia No.1 Cartridge or M’sia No. 1 Trusted Toner Website.
Many new websites copy our content, double the warranty and so on.

As a smart buyer, how to select a genuine supplier online? How to avoid dealing with a one man show company which can’t perform a good after sales service?

See and Experience it by your self, you will know the difference between us and others.

1) Chat with our online customer service:

We are the only one who have more than 2 professional online customer service officers. They are Sandy, Wen & Stacey, combined 10 years experience.

2) Proved same output quantity (page yield) as original.

We are happy to prove it again at our client office with no charge. Client just have to sign a document that state how many pages our toner cartridge prints.

3) Unique ID for each toner cartridge.

The unique ID will shown on product itself, on packaging box, on invoice. Each unique ID carry the production year, date, factory, clients information & purchase date.

4) Fast delivery and stable supply.

Thousands of toner cartridge keep inside our air-con room. To make sure we have enough supply, and the condition of toner cartridge are GOOD.


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5) FOC printer maintenance service in Klang Valley & Printer Repair Service


Printer Repair corner


Besides toner cartridge supply, we also provide printer repair service, and FREE printer maintenance for our loyal customers in Klang Valley.


6) Say No No to  ONE MAN SHOW company.

Besides a team of sales men, 3 customer services, we have 2 technician & 1 admin to serve you. We work as a team.


We are the 1st one to bring online chatting, 1st to provide toll free number, 1st to provide next day delivery.

Lastly, we are not only an online company. We have physical office, and salesmen around Klang Valley.

We make sure you get 1st class products and services!