How to identify original HP toner cartridge?

HP say it is about 10% of counterfeit toner & ink globally. In Malaysia, specially in Klang valley area, I guess it should be around 20~25%, which is a realistic number.

How to identify original toner cartridge? ~A common question from users.

As in the video, from 3:18 to 3:34 show you how to identify it from the SECURITY SEAL itself. The original security seal, when you look at the security seal move it up & down and left & right. The words will change. The fake one, usually is change in one direction only(up & down or left & right) or not change at all.


But this is not 100% way to identify it. Some suppliers collect the empty toners and empty boxes (how nice someone clean up all your rubbish). Some ask you not to open the boxes as HP recommend. (see image below) So they can RECYCLE the security seal as well.





One thing for sure is Original never sell cheap. Usually, the best case for selling original is getting about 13% margin. How lucky is a reseller can sell at this price! Due to the competition, people will lower the price & margin as well.

If someone sell it around my cost and give PAYMENT TERM to you for example two months. Hm… Very suspicious.

If your got problem, they provide instant service. Like one to one exchange. BINGO!!! You definitely get cheated!

Remember original toner or ink never come with GOOD service. Sorry HP, I’m not complain about you. But It is true. Call the number on their website and mention your toner or ink got problem. Listen what is the SOP (standard Operation Procedure) from them.

Some case people complaint the original toner is not working well, the text is light and unclear. It is very likely a fake product as well. HP they sell toner & ink at high price but the quality is there. (HP, see I’m praising)

Last, trust me. Original is never cheap. and it keep raising the selling price. It is tough to survive by selling original product. The special price is not much special. You can see it.

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