Hard to find Samsung Printer Toner?

A lot of customers looking for Samsung printer toner online. This is what we observe from our website. Not because they sell this much of printer. It is because it is quite hard to find Samsung printer toner.

Samsung change their printer model very often. And most printers are using different toners.
New toner models since 2010, they got MLT-104, MLT-105, MLT-108, MLT-109, MLT-205 & MLT-209.

There are too many different toner models. Hard for retailer to keep stock for all. We love brand like Brother. TN-2025 have been in market for many years. TN-2150 have been in market for 2~3 year. The latest model is TN-2260. One toner can fit into 10+ different printer models.

For aftermarket player like us, since the market demand for each Samsung new model is low. Even us don’t want to keep much stock on new Samsung toner models. Can see the reason of our previous post. Samsung MLT-d105s

I can foresee more and more retailers refuse to promote the Samsung printer. Have Samsung see the same picture?

About Nelson Ng

I live in Klang Valley, Malaysia and run a Toner Cartridge Supply business.