Firefox 6 Download: How to get the latest version of Mozilla’s web browser.

Can’t wait for the latest version of Firefox 6.0?

Mozilla plans to officially release Firefox 6 on Tuesday August 16, but a 6.0 version of browser is available for download right now on Mozilla’s website.

Firefox 6 is Mozilla’s second release this year and just a month after Mozilla 5 was released on July 21, 2011.

Given the short development cycle, there haven’t been that many changes since the last version of Firefox. New features, all of which are listed in Mozilla’s release notes, include an address bar that “now highlights the domain of the website you’re visiting” and “reduced browser startup time when using Panorama [a tab organization feature].”

As part of Mozilla’s rigorous release schedule, new versions of their browser are released every six weeks.

The download links for the browser are available here:

If you’re interested in experiencing the most cutting edge Firefox experiments, before they become beta features, you can visit the Firefox Aurora page to learn more about Mozilla’s future release testing. According to Mozilla, Aurora “is focused on delivering performance enhancements and optimizing memory utilization.”

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