General Product Information

What is Original / Genuine Cartridge?
Original or Genuine cartridges are manufactured by the same company as your printer.

What is Compatible Cartridge?
Compatible cartridges are non-OEM new cartridges and manufactured by third parties (other than OEMs). They are made by a third party factory according to the OEM specifications and are and fully compatible with OEMs. Compatible cartridges are the imitation of the OEMs and costs up to 30 to 70% less than the OEMs, These cartridges are designed to meet or in best case even exceed the standards set by the OEM in terms of performance, print quality and page yield.

What is the benefit of buying Compatible Cartridge?
Compatible cartridges with good quality control perform as well as original cartridge. The main reason of buying compatible cartridge is to help you to save money from 20% to 70% compare with the original cartridge.

What is Remanufactured Cartridge?
Remanufactured cartridges are empty printer cartridges which have been through one cycle of service and disassembled after use, parts replaced or cleaned, refilled, reassembled and tested before sold to customers. Remanufactured cartridges are using refurbishing concept to reuse the cartridge and replace all parts that are worn out. During the remanufacturing process the cartridge will be refilled with laser toner after being examined, cleaned and individually tested by the remanufacturer.

Will I Get the Same Number of Printed Pages From a Compatible Toner Cartridge as an Original Cartridge?
You will get at least the same number of printed pages from compatible Toner cartridges as you will get from an OEM toner cartridge. Customers are reporting many, many more pages of print per cartridge over their OEM toner cartridges.

Will using compatible printer cartridges void my warranty?
Major printer manufacturers sell printers at or below cost. They make their profits from selling the cartridges. Formerly, once you bought your expensive new printer you had no choice but to buy one of their cartridges after yours ran dry. By using compatibles you are cutting into their primary source of profit. Because of this, they will threaten to void your warranty if you use compatible cartridges. They are simply trying to protect their own interests anyway they can. It is however strictly ILLEGAL for them to do so. They CANNOT VOID YOUR WARRANTY simply for using compatible cartridges. There is no reason that you should not use compatible cartridges. They work and will save YOU money.


Where & How do I buy toner cartridges?

These are your ordering options:
1. Order online at our online store www.tonersave.com.my
a)  select a product
b) click on the “Add into Cart” button
c)  proceed to “check-out”
d)  direct to a payment page with secured system enabled

2.   Email us at sales@tonersave.com.my

How would I know if my order is being processed?
We will confirm your order within 24 hours either via email or telephone. However, if you do not hear from us within that timeframe, please call us.

Why I have not received any email confirmation? Is my order confirmed?
If you have not received any email, please check your spam mail or junk mail box. Your email service provider may have filtered it into the spam mail or junk mail box.

There are few more reasons that if you have not received it:-
1.   Invalid email information
2.   Failure on email service provider
3.   Internet connection problem
4.   Credit card rejection by your credit card company

If you still have not received it, we advise that you contact our customer services ( sales@tonersave.com.my ) for further clarification.


How much is the shipping cost?
The shipping charges is FREE for West Malaysia, RM10 per toner for Sabah & Sarawak and RM15 per toner for W.P Labuan.
How do I know when my product will be shipped?
We will send you an e-mail within 24 hours confirming your order which includes an order number after we received your order.
A tracking number will be sent to your via email when the item is shipped.

More info about shipping, please refer to

Question about toner cartridge, please email to sales@tonersave.com.my