Compare Dell 1320c with Fuji Xerox C1110 Toner

Dell 1320c Printer TonerXerox C1110 Printer Toner
Dell 1320c printer toner & Xerox C1110 printer toner are twins.  (Left hand is Dell 1320c Yellow Toner, Right Hand is Xerox c1110 Magenta Toner)

Both are exactly the same except the chip set. If someone told you, his Xerox C1110 Toner can compatible with Dell 1320c. You must be very careful. I have tried at least 3 vendors so called “universal chip” for this model. They all fail.

There are a lot universal chip for toner, but not yet for this model.

Buy with us, we ensure the toner work fine on your printer.

Buy Xerox C1110 Toner. Buy Dell 1320c Toner.

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